Mark is the owner and director of Watertight Plumbing & Gas. With over twelve years of experience, he has extensive industry knowledge working and managing both residential and commercial projects. Mark is a passionate, friendly and hardworking individual with a ‘can do’ attitude who delivers nothing but exceptional customer service.

In his spare time Mark enjoys; camping, kite-surfing, four-wheel driving, renovating his home and spending time with friends, family and his loyal companion Toby.



Caleb has an extensive plumbing background working on both Commercial and residential projects. He is a polite and friendly member of the Watertight team who strives to deliver high quality plumbing and gas services. He is an outgoing and sociable person who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that each client is 100% satisfied.

In his spare time Caleb enjoys; working on his project cars, four-wheel driving, fishing, keeping fit and hanging out with friends and family.



Jackson is a future leader of the Watertight Plumbing & Gas company and is currently in the 3rd Year of his Plumbing Apprenticeship. He has experience working on both commercial and residential projects and has had the opportunity to work alongside some of the finest operators in the Plumbing industry. He is an extremely friendly and approachable person who is always willing to put his hand up to complete any job that is required.

In his spare time Jackson enjoys; motor-cross, camping, working on his project cars, helping his dad with one of his mechanical ventures and hanging out with his mates.



With over 10 years experience in plumbing and gas both in Australia and the U.K, John has seen it all. With a level head and friendly personality he loves meeting new clients and helping solve the problem at hand.



Vera is the backbone of the company. She oversees all administrative duties and assists in making sure the business runs smoothly and efficiently. With a background in relocation services, travel, PR and accounts, she maintains close personal interaction between Watertight plumbing and its clients, suppliers and partners.



Toby is Marks loyal companion and mascot for the Watertight Plumbing & Gas business. Whether he’s assisting on the tools or casually fanning himself outside the car window, Toby just loves being a part of the team.

Toby is an avid soccer player and in his spare time loves going on adventures to the beach or park and lives to please his master Mark.